``Social Selling is the process of using your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships...`` — Koka Sexton, Head of Social Selling at LinkedIn



All the work is done for you. It’s easy, painless, simple and straightforward.


We specifically target every lead and the method of attraction is done in a genuine and valuable way where the emotions of the Lead is considered the whole time.


There is very little involvement from you to achieve a result that previously consumed your time.

For Professionals

For Professionals, a positive and powerful personal brand establishes you as a thought leader and builds credibility with your prospects, clients and peers. We demonstrate your expertise, by sharing content and engaging with your colleagues and customers.

For Groups and Communities

B2B Social Selling “Groups” or “Communities” create a powerful medium that enables your business, sales and marketing teams to engage, communicate and manage a large and captured audience. This gives you an ongoing pool of new business opportunities, allows you to nurture existing accounts and helps generate more demand for your products and services.

For Conferences

Social Media networks are an infinite resource that will help you find relevant, active and popular interest groups that have your ideal target audience, as their member base. This creates a powerful channel that enables you to appropriately promote your event, product or services to the right people, every time.


Russell Moore
Director of Technical Sales Management

I had the privilege to hear Jeff Yang speak both on video and more recently live on the subject of LinkedIn. I was also fortunate to gain some one on one time with SocialGen on the sidelines at a recent event. I have since implemented their strategies, with the result at all times being success. If you require the services of a professional who has walked the talk and can demonstrate measurable results I highly suggest you engage SocialGen on your next project, you will not be disappointed.

Kristie McMaster
Founder of Master HR Solutions

I recently sold my HR Consulting business and I found my buyer in just 3 weeks using the SocialGen strategies. SocialGen teaches Business Owners, Marketing Directors, Social Media Managers and Sales Directors how to generate high quality B2B leads through Social Media. I thought a bit outside the box and applied their principles and techniques to generating leads for prospective buyers and it worked a treat! I was inundated with high quality prospects and sold my business just 3 weeks after putting it on the market! AMAZING! Thank you SocialGen.

John Tonkin
Director of Brain in a Box

Spent the better part of a day with SocialGen and they have turned my LinkedIn marketing from being a passive, largely non-productive, do-it-because-everyone-else-does thing into an active marketing tool that I now feel confident to invest my time in. From re-designing my profile to providing me with practical training on how to implement my LinkedIn marketing, the SG team explained it, showed me how it would work, then guided me through it as I did it. The instant results proved that I can expect to make real offline connections with targeted prospects with just a little more effort than I've applied to date. The SocialGen approach that Jeff has created works. It's that simple. Many thanks!



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